About Our Collaboration
The Sustainable Fashion Toolkit is the result of a collaboration between Fashion Takes Action and PwC, with the goal of advancing sustainable practices through easy access to resources.

We are a non-profit organizations established in 2007 to advance sustainability through education, awareness, and collaboration.

One of our objectives is to identify the challenges that brands, retailers and other industry stakeholders face when it comes to sustainability planning, strategy, and execution. Once identified, we then work to remove the barriers so that as an industry, we can get to where we need to be much faster.

We believe in the power of collaboration and are not interested in duplicating efforts or reinventing the wheel. There is an abundance of innovative forward-looking organizations, influencers and thought leaders who are working hard to advance sustainability, and it is our pleasure to support their work with this Toolkit.

For more information, visit the Fashion Takes Action website.

We are a global professional services firm leading the conversation on sustainable business practices by helping organizations look at the bigger picture, enabling them to strike a balance between staying competitive, driving innovation and preserving our environment.

Working together with multi-national fashion and apparel brands of all sizes, we are inspiring solutions to spot sustainability risks and harness the opportunities. We help solve complex issues for our clients from resource efficiency, supply chain transparency, and circularity to diversity, labour and human rights, and sustainability impact measurement, reporting and consumer positioning.

See here an example of our work with the luxury apparel brand Kering, where we helped them conduct a full environmental profit and loss (EP&L) exercise.


This Toolkit could not have been possible without the support and enthusiasm of the many organizations whose resources are featured here. It is the result of the vision and foresight of FTA’s Founder, Kelly Drennan and her research team; Brett Christie, Rachel Ross, Natalie Biringer and Melissa Serafino. We also recognize the support of PwC Canada’s National Retail Leader, Myles Gooding and PwC Canada’s Sustainability Leader, Janice Noronha, and team: Rick Alsop and Alice Bao.